Leak Detection

With thousands of wells being produced around the world, understanding their well integrity status is fundamental to ensure that production levels are maintained safely. Having a well integrity management system (WIMS) jointly with a strategy to monitor proactively these wells taking the necessary steps to maintain a safe operation is critical for every Operator.
TGT technology and its ability to efficiently diagnose rigless those wells adds immediate value to our Clients.


The Client operates a gas field in the Middle East where one of its gas producer wells had a Sustained Annulus Pressure (SAP) in the order of 8,600 kPa in “A” annulus. The well was scheduled to be worked over, however, the Client wanted to assess the source of leakage in advance and rigless in order to prepare a fit-for-purpose workover program to correct the leak.


TGT liaised with the client and after performing and analyzing surface communication tests suggested to survey the well with SPEC-LD service.


The well parameters were set up to stimulate the leak in ”A” annulus and the SPEC-LD survey was performed. The survey was conducted identifying a good correlation between the temperature and the noise generated at the depth of XX24 m with a flow at 24.1 mbdf. The source of the leak was successfully identified by TGT SPEC-LD service.


The Client designed the workover program utilizing TGT SPEC-LD results as a guide to increase operational efficiencies. The leak proved to be at the depth pointed out by TGT SPEC-LD and the joints were replaced to safely put the well back on production.

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